December 4, 2005

strangeness in dreaming

Posted in General at 4:07 pm by electrofish

this dream startled me awake last night. in fact i immediately recorded it in my journal, i was so strongly compelled by it. it is difficult, of course, to record dreams since so much of their impact is in the feeling. i will try to describe things as they felt, so forgive the streaming, run-on style it may perhaps have.

It begins in a cold, tiled, subway station.

The greenish gray grime of the tiled walls and square pillars reflects the flickering fluorescent lighting. For several moments the station is empty as I view the length of it, my view parallels the dark empty tracks. Suddenly a well worn and distressed subway train begins to thunder by, but the sound is in the distance, yet I, I see the train passing along my immediate right hand side. Now a man descends the stairs into the station, he descends because I know he must, but his appearance is as if out of thin air, almost fading into view. He wears a bright red overcoat with many buttons straight down the front, all of which are fastened. He has very pale skin that seems to both reflect and glow. The hair, it is long, and in the strangest shape I have ever seen. His long hair is parted in the center and each section, to the left and right, is drawn up and around, describing a circle, two circles adjacent each other. As he reaches the platform, he motions very forcefully toward me, quickly thrusting his arm straight out with the fingers of his hand curled toward his palm. From the motion a strange bird, a sparrow?, flies at me aggressively, it’s colors wildly mock a rainbow. It’s head is a brilliant ruby red with all the sparkle of the purest gem. The body is a dark cobalt, seemingly drawn from nighttime shadow. And then the wings are straight, not normal feathered wings, but more a many colored bundle of fibers, furiously beating to carry this angry package to me as quickly as possible. It does make contact, or perhaps not since my vision goes black and I see now a man’s head, extremely messy, dark curly hair thinning, slight wrinkles on the face, a weathered 40 perhaps? His lips are curiously red, as if he is wearing lipstick, although for some reason I know he is not. His head is thrown back in hearty, unstoppable laughter. Unending and without taking a breath he continues to laugh. My vision slowly takes in more of the scene now as my senses adjust and recover. He wears a drab olive colored shirt, long sleeve, standard buttons. His arms though are curved, sharply bent upward, permanently it seems. In fact, although his head is very real, his torso and arms belong to a childs cloth doll. There are no hands or fingers at the end of these permanently upward curved cloth arms attached to to the human head. Where hands should be are only tufts of very dirty golden yarn, as if to be a dolls hair. It is cut very short. All the while this figure, which I see against pitch black, from the torso up, is laughing and furiously clapping these odd cloth appendages. Once more my vision seems to re-adjust and I realize this wrinkled character is really a hand puppet controlled by the man in the red coat, who now has a joker-like grin from ear to ear and seems much larger than he could possibly be, looming in on the right side of my vision. I can not focus my eyes anywhere and I loose the scene to blackness.

Now I am viewing a girl, asleep in her bed face down, she wears a classic long white night gown and has long brown hair. I can not clearly see her, but the house she sleeps in is a two-story farmhouse, white no doubt, but in the dim moonlight it looks a pale blueish gray. All the windows seem to be lit an amber yellow, except for hers, in which only the pale silvery moonlight shines in to illuminate her sleeping figure. As she sleeps several mirror images of her seem to float around her and sleep as well, although they are less visible, transparent in the moonlight. She seems disturbed by her dreams, stirring about in bed. At this point I am so unsure of what I see, so frightened I feel like I should wake up and it is then that things go black completely, so deeply that I will never escape the dark. All I percieve is the sound of a train, the subway, fading off as it leaves the station and continues endlessly into the tunnel

i was quite literally startled awake. this is not the strangest or most terrifying dream i have ever had, but for some reason it disturbed me greatly, my entire spirit inside and out was restless. my sleep thus stolen i recorded the dream in my journal, as stated, in the hopes of easing this odd muse. especially strange to me was the apparent completeness of this dream, it seemed to have a deffinate end, which was my cue to wake up. still it causes me tension.


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  1. If your arlictes are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.” Come on

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