December 4, 2005

strangeness in dreaming

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this dream startled me awake last night. in fact i immediately recorded it in my journal, i was so strongly compelled by it. it is difficult, of course, to record dreams since so much of their impact is in the feeling. i will try to describe things as they felt, so forgive the streaming, run-on style it may perhaps have.

It begins in a cold, tiled, subway station. Read the rest of this entry »


IP addresses and files ARE NOT PROOF! RIAA is *WRONG*

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but we all know that right?

what follows is an article about the mistaken and fraudulent role the RIAA is trying to use IP addresses and files or lists in. These should be ruled inadmissible! Posted in Ray Beckerman’s (lawyer for the case involving the single mother vs. RIAA) blog.

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