November 26, 2005

disorganization is king

Posted in General at 8:08 am by electrofish

i am not an organized person by nature, no doubt like many people. i can barely keep pace with my brain and all it’s scattered tangent thought. there must be a better system than relying solely on myself for the things i have to do. i have tried to carry around a pda, most often i would leave it at home. i tried a journal, which i do better with, but it tends to fill itself with more introspective musings than useful scheduling.

i need to find a system that will keep me on track, to focus my mind. left to wander it is a dangerous tangle of thoughts, ideas, and half-done to-do’s. it seems i can focus best in short bursts, and only when i am excited about the given task. perhaps there really is no system for me.


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